Bitcoin forensics and financial investigations

Year by year, the number of cryptocurrency-related crimes keeps growing. Some companies suffer from hacker attacks and crypto thefts, the others from circulation of stolen coins. Traceer offers tools for investigating illegal bitcoin-involving activities. Within such an inquiry, Traceer will identify initial, intermediate, and end bitcoin addresses to deanonymise offenders.

Bitcoin theft investigation

In case of a bitcoin theft, we will help you identify the affiliation of addresses to which stolen coins were transferred. Usually, stolen funds are transferred to exchanges or exchange services, and their address pools are well known. Having identified the recipient address’s affiliation, you will be able to resort to police and the recipient company. Most frequently, the damaged party succeeds in restoring bitcoins.

Designing reports and bitcoin motion pattern

To find out whether a counterparty or user was involved in cybercrimes, one needs to layout a bitcoin flow scheme. Leveraging cutting-edge instruments for visualising and analysing bitcoin motion, Traceer will deliver a full report on how addresses, volumes, and known entities are related.