Crypto forensics

Traceer offers a tool for investigating illegal cryptocurrency-related activities. We’ll track the path of stolen bitcoins and find traces that will help identify offenders. Services that had been a privilege of major companies are now available to any user.

Thefts and extortion

Cryptocurrency becomes a more frequent subject of thefts and extortion. Don’t worry too much as the cryptocurrency path is precisely tracked! Your bitcoins can be restored if the coins get to a centralized service such as an exchange or online wallet. Using Traceer, you will be able to see detailed information on the path of stolen bitcoins. Just contact us!

Investment fraud and Ponzi schemes

Fraudsters take advantage of the high interest in cryptocurrency to deceive people and steal their funds. Since recently, cryptocurrency had not been legally recognised as property or means of payment. But nowadays, more lawsuits related to fraud against crypto investors appear. Scammers get deserved punishment while victims even manage to restore their funds in some cases.