Cryptocurrency AML compliance for business

Traceer provides an end-to-end solution for crypto business ensuring full regulations compliance. Leveraging our advanced AML compliance technologies, you will be able to manage risks when handling cryptocurrencies and make bitcoin operations transparent for finance authorities.


  • Flexibility

    A cryptocurrency business of any scale can enjoy Traceer. We make crypto compliance available to both major and small rapidly growing companies.

  • Easy integration

    Traceer offers software that can be effortlessly integrated with any workflow. You will be able to arrange crypto compliance shortly and check bitcoins for legality.

  • Fast updates of scores and entity base

    We update data on transactions in the Bitcoin network instantly and identify relations between high-risk addresses. Ultrafast, our solution helps customers get protected from dirty bitcoins and untrustworthy counterparties.

Lower risk, higher income

Having implemented Traceer, you will only handle low-risk bitcoins. Risk scoring works automatically, thereby reducing manual verification costs and accelerating it. With superior compliance, you will be eligible to work more closely with Bitcoin, extend your reach, and expand to new markets.