Abuse reports

Use Traceer to read users’ reviews on suspicious bitcoin addresses. If you found an address used for illegal activities (e.g. specified in a ransomware), you can leave a report in the mobile app or on the website. Reading and creating reports is free for you. We will leverage such feedback to identify suspicious activities and note an address as malicious.

Main types of violations

  • Ransomware

    Distribution of a virus that blocks a device and demands a ransom (usually in bitcoins). Once the victim sends a ransom to the specified bitcoin address, extortionists do not unblock the device.

  • Blackmailing

    Distribution of messages with disclosure or damage threats. A blackmailer states they have evidence against a person and warns to disclose that information unless the person pays.

  • Selling illegal goods

    Weapons, drugs, bank data, forged documents and money — all that can be bought for bitcoins in the darknet. Sellers hope to remain unnoticed, but, because of such services as Traceer it’s harder for them to carry out illegal trading and accept bitcoins as payment.